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10 Tips To Ensure a Smooth Flowing Hair & Makeup Schedule On Your Wedding Day

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

The morning of your wedding day is a flurry of excitement and anticipation, and ensuring that your bridal party look and feel their best is an essential part of creating a memorable day. To make the hair and makeup process stress free, proper planning and scheduling are key. In this blog post we will provide you with valuable tips and a step-by-step guide on how to schedule hair and make up for your bridal party on your wedding day.

  1. Start Early: Make sure someone has the coffee ready because time is of the essence on your wedding day! Begin by setting an early start for hair and makeup to allow ample time for each person. It's better to have a little extra time than to feel rushed later. Tell your bridesmaids to arrive at least an hour before their scheduled appointment times... we all have that one friend that's always running late. This keeps things moving smoothly & ensures that everyone is there & ready to sit in the chair - especially in the case that hair and makeup are running ahead of schedule.

  2. Schedule a Trial Run: Use the opportunity to discuss your vision with your stylists & decide what look you like ahead of time. The last thing you want to be dealing with the morning of your wedding is redoing your hair or makeup a zillion times because what you thought you'd like, didn't actually look as you imagined. The trial run ensures that you and your stylist are both on the same page with the look you're going for.

  3. Create a Schedule: This is the most important task for a smooth flowing morning. Work closely with your hair and makeup team to create a detailed schedule for your wedding morning. Consider the number of people requiring services, the amount of time needed per person, and the time allowed from start to finish - when everyone needs to be done with hair and makeup. Bonus Tip: Try not to schedule each individual back to back for hair and makeup - leave an hour gap between the two. For example, say Sarah is scheduled for hair at 7am and makeup at 8am, if her hair takes longer than expected, not only is the hair schedule behind but this also delays the makeup schedule as well. And Vise versa, if makeup is ahead of schedule but Sarah is still getting her hair done, then the makeup artist is stuck waiting for Sarah to be done with hair to move on. So, if Sarah is scheduled for hair at 7am, try not to schedule her for makeup until 9am. This ensures that if hair or makeup are running ahead or behind, that it doesn't cause anyone to be waiting around to get started and uses the time that morning efficiently.

  4. Communicate With Your Bridal Party: This is the second most important task. Why put the time and effort into creating a fool proof schedule and not share it with the ones who need it! Make sure you're giving the schedule to, not only the hair stylists/makeup artists, but your bridal party as well. Try to share this with everyone in advance, to give everyone time to ask questions and make adjustments as needed. Clearly communicate with your bridal party what time they need to arrive, and the importance of being punctual. Remind your bridesmaids to arrive with clean, dry hair and a clean face to save time.

  5. Pick out Styles Ahead of Time: Have your bridal party pick out what style they want for their hair and makeup ahead of time. If you're a bridesmaid, keep in mind the style you pick out might not be best suited with your other features or type of hair, be open minded when the stylist makes suggestions.

  6. Prioritize the Bride: To ensure the bride gets ample time for hair and makeup, make sure she is not scheduled last. This allows her to relax and enjoy the process without feeling rushed. If you're the bride, make sure you delegate someone to take over your phone that morning. The morning of your wedding will be full of tying up loose ends, and people blowing up your phone with questions, but its time for you to relax. Designate someone who knows the wedding details (such as your maid of honor) to respond/answer calls for you. This ensures that you're able to enjoy being pampered without having to get up and down to take care of other things during your scheduled hair/makeup time.

  7. Delegate Responsibilities: Along with delegating someone to take over phone responsibilities, assign someone to manage the schedule the morning of. By communicating with the hair/makeup team (so that the stylists don't have to chase down bridesmaids) this designated person can help keep things organized and ensure that everyone is ready on time.

  8. Allow Time for Touch-Ups: Include buffer time in the schedule for touchups and final adjustments. This ensures that everyone looks fresh and flawless before stepping into the ceremony or photo sessions.

  9. Prepare a Relaxing Environment: Create a calm and enjoyable atmosphere for your bridal party, by organizing a designated space with comfortable seating, natural, lighting, plenty of mirrors, and refreshments (we all love a refreshing morning mimosa to take the edge off). Don’t forget the stereo to play some soothing love songs to help everyone unwind, or the brides favorite pump up jams.

  10. Enjoy the Moment: Once the hair and makeup are complete, take a moment to appreciate how good you look and feel, and share fun and lighthearted moments with your bridal party. Remember to breathe, relax, and savor the special day.

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